Whether you’re looking for a second home, investment property or a primary residence a condominium might be the right fit for you. Condos provide amenities that some single family can’t. These amenities can include pools, gym, spa, boat docks, beach access and many more. Trust one of our professional agents to find the right condominium for you and your family.
If you’re looking to get FHA financing please visit the following website to see if the condominium you’re interested in is approved by HUD.  https://entp.hud.gov/idapp/html/condlook.cfm
If the condominium is on this list then it may be approved by HUD for FHA financing.
Properties in which there legal descriptions are those of condominiums must be approved by HUD in order to obtain FHA financing. Although Spot loans were very common, more and more lenders are veering from providing such financing. Spot loans are referred to as FHA loans provided to a condominium unit which the project/building is not approved by HUD.